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1) For me, Cathy Lara is a revelation. Whenever I need an English translation, I would like her to do it. Her work is perfect, reliable, and on schedule (a day ahead rather than a day too late); her manuscripts are as good as flawless. If the material contains any problems, she always has very good suggestions and invariably poses the right kind of follow-up questions, since she does not hesitate to research it on her own (and in this way she also finds errors in the source texts). Our mutual projects to date: Berlin – Art & Architecture (a travel guide, 480 pages!), Berlin – Art and Architecture (bilingual picture book, 430 pages), Maps and Views of Berlin (trilingual picture book). All books were published by h.f.ullmann in 2009 and 2010. Extremely happy with her work, I hope that Cathy Lara will continue to have time to translate for me.

Dr. Harro Schweizer, editorial office in Berlin



2) Cathy Lara translates contracts on a regular basis for us and we are always very satisfied with the quick turnaround and excellent translation.

Dr. Sebastian Kraska, lawyer, Gröbenzell



3) In need of a certified English translation of a German document, my legal counsel directed me to the website of the German Consulate in San Francisco where I found Cathy Lara’s contact information. Cathy was able to provide the certified English translation in absolutely professional quality within a few days and at very reasonable fees. I would like to highly recommend her translation services, and will certainly ask her again when I need another translation myself.

Dr. Manfred Bester, Director of Operations, Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley



4) Cathy, I would really like to thank you for your translation and proofreading services, which are always of an extremely high standard. Even with tight deadlines I know I can expect nothing but efficient service and accurate translations that read like a work of art. I can rely on you and know that, with your fantastic communication skills, you will contact me if anything is unclear so that your translations will be nothing but excellent. Thank you so much.

Ilan Lavi, EBS Visual Communication, Berlin



5) We’ve worked with Cathy as a German-to-English translator of content for we – Weleda’s lifestyle magazine. She is sensitive to the nature of the content and its holistic context and never hesitates to ask smart questions and provide honest concerns about a translation. Thank you Cathy!

Jennifer Barckley, Director of Communications, Editor-in-Chief, Weleda, Palisades, NY



6) Cathy Lara has been working for us on a freelance basis for more than 2 years now and we have always been very happy with her work. She translates German documents (mainly texts in the area of telecommunications and software as well as contracts) into English for us on a regular basis and her work is always of a very high quality.

She always delivers her translations on time, pays high attention to detail and customer requirements, is very flexible and reliable and quickly responds to e-mails. She also is very proficient in translation tools and applications.

Not least because of her professional attitude is it a pleasure to work with her and I have no reservations to recommend Cathy to anyone who requires her services.

Anke Noack, Project Manager, The Language Technology Centre, Surrey, United Kingdom



7) For 10 years, Cathy Lara has been translating my newsletters, biographies, any press info on my CD releases, my tours, and all texts on my websites. Working with her is an enriching experience in all respects. She is always on time. She reflects on my materials quite independently. Her English is clear and coherent. She spends a long time fine-tuning her translations of my phrases, which, at times, may not be entirely conventional or may be poetic. She asks questions if something sounds odd. She suggests alternatives and describes their implications. She never misses careless mistakes or omissions, even if they are outside of her area of responsibility. Our e-mail communication runs smoothly. Her timing is perfect.

Katharina Franck, singer and songwriter, Berlin



8) Cathy Lara is an extremely dedicated and very attentive translator of articles and publications in the humanities and philosophy. Her scholarly expertise in this area coupled with her literary sense form exactly the basis needed for a skillful and fluid English translation. She not only captures the historically rich terminology, but also the discourse- and context-bound contents and nuances of contemporary cultural and intellectual life.

I definitely had a very positive experience with her translation services, which are simply outstanding. It was to my complete satisfaction that she took figures of speech and truth content into consideration, always conveying them in a very sophisticated and meaningful way.

My expectations were exceeded to such a degree that I would work together with her again anytime.

Dr. Simone Bernet, philosopher and dramaturge, Berlin



9) Cathy Lara has been performing services for my office for over ten years and is one of my most loyal and reliable freelance partners. She always completes her translations and proofreading jobs with the highest degree of meticulousness and timeliness, and she is always ready to accept assignments on very short notice. Her translations and proofreading work cover a wide variety of specialty areas (such as art and art history, architecture, marketing and advertising, the music industry, lifestyle questions, the cosmetics industry, as well as legal documents); her texts are always very carefully translated and researched, and she always points out inconsistencies in the source texts. It is thus our great pleasure to recommend Cathy Lara for any and all future translation and editing services.

Karola Handwerker, editor and translator of scholarly writing and advertising copy, copy editor at Monopol (art magazine), Berlin



10) I have had an excellent business relationship with Cathy Lara for many years. Even during my early days as a junior fashion editor for the Berlin print and online magazine Style & The Family Tunes (also known as style100 and, Cathy Lara already translated texts for me/us on various topics such as fashion, design, travel, and lifestyle. Her work has always been extremely meticulous and thorough and was always delivered on time. What is more, Cathy Lara is always ready to clear up ambiguities by asking questions of her own initiative, thus avoiding possible misunderstandings in advance. Now too, in my capacity as a freelance journalist and copywriter for magazines such as Under The Influence Magazine, Metal Magazine or the blog Yay Posted on the international fashion directory, I continue to enjoy working with Cathy Lara and I do so consistently, because she knows how to translate texts to the highest degree of precision and always achieves the right tone of voice.

Her particular strength is her ability to translate modern figures of speech, contemporary phrases, and colloquial expressions, and to render them in the appropriate English terms.

Nina Trippel, journalist and copywriter, Berlin



11) My father kept a journal while fighting on the front lines in France during World War II. He wrote in German and my mother typed up the manuscript for us daughters. Now that it was my turn to allow my two American sons to read about their grandfather who had died on the Russian front, I needed the journal translated into English and asked Cathy Lara to do the job. The journal contained many German words and phrases particular to the 1940s and referenced lots of historical facts. Cathy did the most remarkable job not only of translating my father’s journal into perfect English but also of accurately rendering the specific factual information and relevant historical terminology it contained.

Cathy was so very prompt and courteous!! She delivered the work on time and I was so happy to present my sons with their grandfather’s life in the form of a professional translation that was as true as possible to the original. I will always be grateful for her services and can recommend her highly!!!

Viola Kuchlenz, San Mateo, California


12) Ever since we met in Berlin in December 2004, Cathy Lara has worked as a translator for my company.

Since that time, she has done German-English translation work for me in various fields, mainly in the areas of business, telecommunications, and marketing. She also edits English texts for me.

By now, I’ve come to know Cathy Lara as a very accurate and meticulous translator, who has a talent for questioning the German source texts that are sometimes very awkward and – thanks to her exceptional translation skills – for transforming them into correct English that reads well.

I regard Cathy Lara as an outstanding translator and editor and as a colleague I can always rely on, one who delivers excellent quality even under tight deadlines.

I look forward to our future work together.

Julia Wardetzki, Interpretation and Translation, Berlin

13) I first had the pleasure of employing Cathy Lara’s German Translation Services a few weeks ago when I needed someone to translate several documents regarding my application for Canadian citizenship. I was so relieved when I found her. Her translations were impeccable, her promptness and timing 100 percent on target. In addition to that, Cathy went the extra mile and referred me to a comparable translator to do a job for me in another language.

I had been so worried and stressed out about this whole process but Cathy Lara took it off my back by delivering the most reliable and professional service. I therefore highly recommend Cathy Lara’s German Translation Services to anyone in need – of solid competence, unflagging precision, and high-quality workmanship.

Silvia Heimpel, El Cerrito, California

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