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According to Bohm, dialogue is a type of open conversation engaged in by groups. It opens up a space of communication where people can meet irrespective of gender, age, social and ethnic heritage, or religious background. Dialogue is open-ended and free of hierarchies. In contrast to discussion, dialogue does not endorse correct or incorrect opinions. In dialogue, people do not convince one another; rather, in dialogue they share their thoughts.
As a space of conversation, dialogue is open to everyone. Anyone who is curious and motivated can participate in it. There are a few principles that will be explained before a round of dialogue begins. They serve to support a dialogical attitude. Generally, what is important is a respectful and open style of association with one another.
To think together, to connect perspectives, to share discoveries: to engage in conversation respectfully and attentively and to jointly create a fluid process of meaningfulness, that’s the main concern of dialogical process work. A dialogical attitude in conversations contributes to our ability to engage in a living, productive exchange with one another that is clearer and more effective, be it in our everyday lives, at work or at home, in organizations, in groups or in face-to-face encounters. Central to dialogue is the creation of a space to allow for the expression of a variety of perspectives and worldviews and to bring us together by way of (dia) the word (logos).


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