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English translation – education:

In addition to deserving the description of “global,” our school’s vision is ultimately about making sure that our children receive the best possible education, about teaching them to be responsible and self-sufficient, and about doing so in a safe and stimulating environment. The school board does its part to lay the foundation for this mission, for example, by regulating the school’s growth in such a way that we can obtain classes which, in size and composition, support a healthy socio-emotional environment all the way up to the high school level.


German-English Travel Translation

Original German article

English translation – travel:

It is one of the most historic aircraft in Swiss aviation: The yellow and red Yeti Porter. With the world record for landing at the highest elevation and its performance in the Himalayas, this PC-6 marks the beginning of the Pilatus Porter success story and is the plane Pilatus Aircraft has grown up with. Philipp Sturm found one of the last original Porters in Alaska and is bringing it back to Switzerland as the Yeti Porter.


German-English Fashion Translation

Original German text

English translation – fashion:

Proms, summer parties, first dates: There’s hardly an occasion for which the young fashion label doesn’t have the perfect dress. The label has been committed to making youthful cocktail and evening dresses since 2010. Cuts that flatter the figure, flowing, shimmering fabrics and a large selection of pastel tones and fashionable trend colors ensure that you look feminine, elegant and above all glamorous.


German-English Translation – Journalism

The original German newspaper article was published in the Tagesspiegel.

English translation – journalism:

King of the Lions: The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation is returning eight artworks to the heirs of publisher Rudolf Mosse. A search for clues.

When the National Socialists came to power in 1933, Felicia and Hans-Lachmann Mosse just wanted one thing: to get out of Germany. They already left in the first half of 1933. First, they went to Switzerland, then to the USA. They left despite the fact that Lachmann-Mosse had just initiated bankruptcy proceedings for the financially stricken publishing house; and despite the fact that they owned buildings in Berlin, as well as a valuable art collection, inherited from Felicia’s father Rudolf Mosse, one of Germany’s most important publishers.

Reclining Lion. Marble statue by August Gaul, 1903.


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